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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Since its inception, TFCI provides high-quality research and Consultancy services to the tourism industry in general and to the investors in tourism industry in particular. In line with this, TFCI has been providing Consultancy services to different central and state agencies by undertaking broad-based assignments to cover macro & micro level tourism-related studies / exercises to facilitate identification, conceptualization, promotion / implementation of specific tourism-related projects & for taking policy level decisions with respect to investment and infrastructure augmentation etc.
Besides, TFCI has been providing specific project-related services to various private sector clients. It has also undertaken appraisal of individual projects for various state government agencies / individual clients. TFCI has also successfully handled projects involving development of viable project concepts around lakes / water bodies, development of a multi-facility amusement park complex etc.
TFCI's range of activities in the Consultancy Division encompasses project–related services for Private sector & Institutional Services for Central and State Govts.

Project-related Services for Private Sector

  • Site evaluation studies.
  • Market-potential assessment for tourism projects.
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies.
  • Loan / Equity syndication services.
  • Financial restructuring of project proposals, review and appraisal.
  • Project implementation and monitoring services.
  • Pre-opening technical and facility planning services.
  • Other project related services include assistance in finalisation of arrangements for lease / transfer of management, franchise tie-ups, selection of design / project / architectural consultants etc.

Institutional Services for Central and State Govts

  • Tourism-potential studies and identification of tourism circuits.
  • Preparation of tourism-development Master Plans for state / travel circuit / destination.
  • Tourist profiles and image-rating studies.
  • Tourist-flow surveys to assess destination draws, infrastructure gaps and defining agenda for development.
  • Carrying out accommodation and other infrastructure assessment, augmentation improvement studies.
  • Sustainable tourism development, environment impact assessment studies carrying capacity of studies of wild-life sanctuaries, national parks and other sensitive / critical areas.
  • Transaction advisory services for PPP projects.

Private Sector Assignments

  • Project feasibility study for a PGA Standard Golf course cum Resort at Goa.
  • Feasibility Report for setting up of 4 star hotel at Pune.
  • Feasibility Report for setting up of 5–star deluxe Resort near Chandigarh.
  • Detailed Project Report Preparation for setting up Passenger ropeways at Darjeeling.
  • Project appraisal for setting up 5-star Deluxe hotel at Gurgaon for a new brand.
  • Project appraisal for setting up of a 5-star hotel cum training institute in Hyderabad.
  • Valuation of 5-Star Deluxe Resort at Mashobra near Shimla.

Institutional Assignments

  • Tourism Policy of Gujarat, Department of Tourism, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Tourism Master Plan for the state of Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board.
  • Development of Tourism Projects in Rajkot on PPP mode, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board.
  • Transaction advisory services for Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Transaction advisory for selection for developers, MP Eco Tourism Development Board.
  • Report on investment Opportunities in the State of Orissa.
  • Tourism Master Plan for Nashik, Dist. Planning Office, Nashik, Maharashtra.
  • Tourism Carrying Capacity study of Jim Corbett National Park, Ministry Of Environment & Forests, Government Of India.
  • Evaluation of Scheme of Incentives to Accommodation Infrastructure in India, Ministry of Tourism, Government Of India.
  • Selection of 100 sites for development of hotels, Ministry of Railways, Govt. Of India.
  • Preparation of Tourism Master Plan for the State of Pondicherry, Department of Tourism, Govt of Union Territory of Pondicherry.
  • Demand assessment of hotel rooms and formulation of guidelines for paying guest accommodation, Govt of NCT of Delhi.
  • Preparation of Tourism Revenue Generation Plan for Temple town of Ambaji, Ambaji Devasthanam Board, Gujarat.

Other Industry Related Research

  • Study of Security and Safety aspects of the hospitality industry.
  • Study of need for and devising of suitable Programmes for the promoters entrepreneurs from the hospitality industry.
  • Organized & co-ordinated National Seminar on Hotel Project Management for entrepreneurs venturing into Hotel Industry.