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Bonds & Deposits

Bondholder Section

Transfer of bond

The bonds in the form of promissory notes, being negotiable instruments are transferable Bond Certificate (in case of physical form) alongwith duly executed transfer deeds duly signed should be sent to R&T Agent i.e. MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd. In case of thumb impression, it is required to be attested by the authorised person (Magistrate, notary public, gazetted officer, managers of nationalised banks or officer of TFCI).

In case the purchaser is already having an existing folio number in the same scheme, please quote the same to enable us to register new bonds in the same folio number.

Payment of interest on bonds is made to registered bondholders only. In case of transfer, the transferee is advised to register his name with TFCI. Investors are advised to register their transfer before the record date i.e. 1 month prior to date on which interest is due or before mailing post dated warrants.

Issue of duplicate bond certificate

In case of defaced / damaged bond certificate(s) Duplicate bond certificate(s) are issued in lieu of defaced / damaged bond certificates or lost / stolen.

The defaced / damaged bond certificates may be sent with a request along with relevant information as mentioned above, to enable us to issue duplicate certificate(s). No letter of surety is required where damaged bond certificate is sent for issue of duplicate certificate.

In case of theft or loss (other than postal loss) of certificate(s) The loss of bond certificate(s) shall be reported immediately to the Registrar / TFCI along with certificate nos. / folio no. and distinctive nos. to enable us to stop transfer of such bonds.

A complaint shall have to be lodged with the local police station about the loss of certificate(s) and a copy of the FIR shall be obtained and furnished.

The request for issue of duplicate bond certificate(s) shall be sent to Registrar / TFCI along with Letter of Indemnity in the prescribed form duly stamped and a Letter of Surety, if required.

In case of postal loss of certificate(s) In case the bond certificate(s) have been lost in postal transit or not received, duplicate bond certificate(s) will be issued on receipt of Letter of Indemnity and a Letter of Surety, if required along with request letter.

Duplicate bond certificate(s) will be issued only after necessary notification regarding loss / non-receipt of the original bond certificate(s) is given in the newspapers.

Contact Us

All the correspondence relating to bonds may be addressed to TFCI Head office at
Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.
CIN: L65910DL1989PLC034812
4th Floor, Tower–1,
NBCC Plaza, Sector–V,
Pushp Vihar Saket,
New Delhi-110017
Phone No.: 011-2956 1180
Fax :+ 91-11-2956 1171
Email: [email protected]

While sending queries / grievances, please quote the name of the issue / scheme, application no., folio no., certificate no., subject matter, etc. Please give your full address including pin code and telephone / fax no., if any.

The communication must be legible.

Valuable documents may be sent by registered post.

Please retain photo-copies of application, bond certificates and postal registration slip / acknowledgement etc. This would facilitate future queries.

Any change in the signature may be intimated with fresh specimen signature duly attested by your banker (to be signed by your Bank Branch official).

R&T Agent

MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd.
F- 65, Okhla Industrial Area,
Phase I,
New Delhi - 110 020
Telephone No.: 011 41406149, 51 & 52
Email Id: [email protected]
Fax No.: 011 41709881

Debentures / Bond Trustee Address

IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited
Asian Building, Ground Floor,
17, R. Kamani Marg,Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 400 001.
Tel.:+91 22 4080 7006