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Shareholder Information

Shareholder Information

Frequently asked questions in respect of Tourism Finance Corporation Of India Ltd equity shareholders.

Procedure for share transfer and time taken
Share Certificate alongwith duly executed share transfer deed mentioning the name of the transferor and transferee, duly signed and stamped should be sent to the R & TA i.e. MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd. The signatures should preferably be attested by a Bank or notary or a Magistrate to avoid objection of mismatch of signatures. At the back of the share transfer deed share transfer stamps of 0.25% of the market value of the shares or the consideration value, whichever is higher as on the date of execution of share transfer deed has to be affixed. The transferee will have to attach a copy of self-attested PAN card. The process of transfer usually takes 7 days in case of duly filled in and executed share transfer deed alongwith share certificate lodged with Registrar / Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.
Procedure in case of gift of shares
In case of gifted shares, the procedure for registering them will be same as the procedure for normal transfer of shares. The present rate of stamp duty in case of gifted shares is 0.25% of the market value prevailing on the date of execution of the transfer deed.
Process of transmission of shares (transfer in case of death of shareholder)
Transmission of shares arises in case of death of the registered shareholder. For transmission of shares, the documents given in Annexure I should be submitted.

If the shares are held in joint names, the deceased shareholder’s name only is deleted. A copy of the death certificate of the deceased registered shareholder, duly attested by competent authorities (magistrate, notary, public, gazette officer, managers of nationalized banks or officials of Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.) is to be sent to Registrar / Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd. alongwith the share certificate.

In case of single shareholder, the shares will be transmitted in favour of those persons who are heirs of the deceased registered shareholder as per the will executed by him. In case the deceased shareholder had not left any will, transmission of the shares will be effected only on production of succession certificate or letters of administration.
Procedure for issue of duplicate share certificate (Annexure II)
The loss of share certificates(s) has to be reportedly immediately to Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd. / Registrar & Transfer Agent alongwith certificate nos. / folio no. and distinctive nos. to enable the company to stop transfer of shares.

Duplicate share certificate(s) will be issued only after submission of the required documents given in Annexure II and necessary notification regarding loss / non receipt of the original share certificates is given in the newspapers, if required.
Process of dematerialization of shares
To convert the shares into demat form, the shareholders have to open a Depository Account with a Depository Participant (DP). In the demat process, the shareholders are required to surrender the certificates to its DP. The DP in turn processes them to R & TA, which is verified and if found in order, is dematerialized and an equivalent number of shares credited electronically by DP to the account of the shareholder.
For change of address
Registrar and Transfer Agents i.e. MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd.
Contact Point in case the dividend not received since quite some time
In case of non receipt of dividend, the investor should write to the company or its R & TA, quoting the folio no. / DP – client Id no.
To obtain the dividend directly into my account
For shares in physical form, the shareholder will have to submit ‘National Electronic Clearing Services” (NECS) mandate form to our R & TA viz. MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd. Investors having shares in dematerialized form will have to submit the NECS mandate form directly to their Depository Participant (DP).
Registrar and Transfer Agents (R & TA) of Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.
MCS Share Transfer Agent Ltd. is Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.’s R & TA.
They can be contacted at -:
F-65, Okhla Industrial Area,Phase I,
New Delhi -110 020
Telephone No.: 011 41406149, 51 & 52
Email Id: [email protected]
Fax No.: 011 41709881