Frequently asked questions in respect of Tourism Finance Corporation Of India Ltd equity shareholders.

Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited (TFCI), set up in 1989 as public financial institution and registered as Non-Banking Finance Company (Private Sector) is providing financial assistance to the hospitality, healthcare, education, manufacturing, residential real-estate, NBFCs, warehousing, logistics, renewable energy and other sectors.

TFCI provides financial assistance to the hospitality, healthcare, educational, manufacturing, residential real-estate, NBFCs, warehousing, logistics, renewable energy and other sectors.

Besides financing, TFCI also provides Investment Banking and Advisory & Consultancy services for the tourism & hospitality sector. TFCI works with private &public sector organizations and central & state government departments.

TFCI has its registered office in New Delhi and another office in Mumbai. TFCI currently has projects spread across 17 states in India.

1) Term Loan is available to only to Public/Private Companies and LLPs.

2) The borrower Company/LLP should have clear title to the project land.

3) The statutory permissions for the project (viz. non-agricultural land-use, building plan approval and environment clearance) should have been obtained.

4) The Debt/Equityratio for the borrower should not, generally exceed 1.5:1.

'Rate of Interest' depends on category or type of loan and tenure of loan.

'Repayment Period' for any loan is calculated on a case-to-case basis depending on category or type of loan.

It also varies based on how the loan is being used. Large scale projectscan have terms ranging from 5 to 15 years, with amortization up to 30 years. Working capital loans usually have shorter terms, ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Various type of financial assistance by TFCI in hospitality and other sector are listed as below:

  1. Term Loan for setting up or construction of Hotel, Resort, Motel, Spa/Health Resort, Serviced Apartment, Guest House and other approved Lodgings.
  2. Term Loan for setting up Restaurant, Food Court, Banquet & Conference Facility.
  3. Term loan for setting up Destination Recreational/Entertainment Centers, Amusement Parks, Adventure Sports & Cultural Centers.
  4. Term loan for travel & tour operations, air-taxi fleet, ropeway, etc.
  5. Term Loan for hotel construction, expansion, modernization, renovation etc.
  6. Term Loan for acquisition of all the projects mentioned at (1)-(4) above.
  7. Term Loan for takeover of existing loans in tourism/hospitality sector.
  8. Special Situation Financing for existing companies engaged in (1)-(4) above having viable business but presently facing temporary financial constraints by providing term loan structured in line with project cashflows.

Credibility: Established in 1989, TFCI has been instrumental in creating and addition of over 50,000 star-category hotel rooms and other tourism attractions in India. TFCI is a private sector NBFC.

Marque Projects: Taj Resorts in Kerala & Goa, Business hotels of leading domestic & international brands across India, Umaid Bhawan Palace Heritage Hotel, Ananda in Himalayas Spa, Palace on Wheels, Esselworld Amusement Park, Shanku Water Park,Imagicaa Entertainment Destination, etc.

Government Mandate: TFCI has provided tourism development advisory services to Ministry of Tourism and State Tourism Departments of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu.

More than 900 hospitality projects worth over INR 13,000 Crores pan India.

TFCI offers advisory and consultancy services to state tourism departments. It has provided credit to several successful projects - such as amusement parks, adventure/cultural complexes - that became huge tourist draws, supporting the growth of the hospitality sector. With India’s rapidly expanding infrastructure and economic boom, TFCI is also funding projects in Tier I/II/III cities that are emerging business and tourism hubs.

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